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Playing Shadowrun with Inspectres 06.09.15

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Deeper in the Game, a fantastic gaming blog covering marginalized geek culture, outlines a simple and elegant framework to play Shadowrun using Inspectres.

Protected: Awww man, cattes. 02.26.15

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InSpectres: Victorian Stylee 04.11.10

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In addition to the wonderful InSpectres web supplement The Daedalus Club, I’ve stumbled across the Royale Arms, a similar campaign of Victorian gentlemen adventurers. Ben Robbins, creator of the InSpace supplement is involved, and two session write-ups are available. Find the first at the Royale Arms link above, and the second here . Also note the excellent use of the battle mat as character sheet(s). This further confirms my theory that you need a bunch of different colored D6 to play InSpectres well. I’m thinking at least 5, one each for Library, Gym, and Credit cards, one for the Bank, one for Franchise dice earned (although I’ve been toying with using poker chips for these), and one for the players (or possibly a different color for each player).

Inspectres: Settings, Hacks, Mods, and Sundry Things 01.26.10

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Jared A. Sorensen’s brilliant RPG InSpectres borrows both a setting and some basic concepts from the classic WEG Ghostbusters (available on the web here in jpg form with a couple of adventures, and here with both the original and the second edition plus adventures in jpg form) but adds ingenious storytelling mechanics that make for player centered/created narratives and a shared resource franchise mechanic that provides a group goal and a unique frame to each session.

Below are hacks, mods, and adaptations for/of InSpectres. My own general suggestions for modding the game start with stealing the ‘Goals’ from Ghostbusters and rewarding characters with Cool Dice for role-playing those well. I also split out the Athletics stat into strength and dexterity using the old GB names of Muscles and Moves. Because I like a differentiation between bricks and ninjas/thieves/fragile speedsters. It’s the same reason why I love that Intelligence is split into Academics and Technology in InSpectres. Because knowing Latin and Sumerian is not the same as knowing Quantum Physics. I also like using cue cards (stolen from the MiB game, which is like the GB game, except that it’s mostly awful) that get dealt out to players at the beginning of a session and carry rewards for working them in appropriately.

And now onto the one stop InSpectres mod shop:
The amazingly developed (and just amazing) Howard Hughes’ Men of Action develops a trilogy’s worth of plots covering several decades, with characters sketched out in as much detail as your security clearance will allow.

InSpace, for investigating “the mysteries of space and play games in the style of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Solaris, Contact, Ringworld, or Forbidden Planet,” by Ben Robbins. PDF available here. But be forewarned, InSpace does not condone using it to run a Star Trek-style campaign.

Which is okay, because Doc Holaday, has created InspecTrek. PDF here.

John Laviolette’s The Legion of Super Science hits me right in that sweet spot of Atomic Robo. Names like Quest, Venture, Indy, and Savage appear in the PDF. It’d also be a good place to do a Hellboy, Challengers of the Unknown, or Doom Patrol campaign.

Possibly my favorite find when scouring the web for InSpectres material is The Daedalus Club by the fine folks at Victorian Adventure Enthusiast. The nineteenth-century English Gentleman’s club setting could be used to run a Sherlock Holmes, Jules Verne, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, or Flashman game. The rest of the VAE site is a goldmine for any system.

Mr. Sorensen’s own mod for InSpectres, UnSpeakable, goes a bit less Ghostbusters and a bit more Miskatonic. In true Lovecraftian fashion, Sanity is the only thing that matters (and the only stat). PDF here.

If Monster Squad, The Lost Boys, or Goonies is more your speed, check out In-Speckers. Kids + monsters. It worked for the Coreys. PDF here.

Giant robots your thing? Check out Filip’s Gurren Lagann adaptation of UnSpeakable.

John Laviolette has some notes for using InSpectres for the JAGS Wonderland Lewis Carroll (and, one suspects American McGee and Neil Gaiman) inspired “surreal horror” game.

Knicknevin outlines playing a House M.D. scenario using InSpectres over on the RPG.net forums.

From the Forge forum archives comes this interesting sketch of InSpectres as military (in this case Naval) investigation unit. Called Operation: Icebox, it seems like it’d be a nice basis for a BPRD campaign brimming with Weird Agents. It feels like it goes along well with the afore mentioned ‘Men of Action.’ The adventure sounds fun from the write-up: the Antarctic, Nazis, etc.


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